All In

Hi all, it’s been a bit of a ride this last 6 months or so here at the brewery. If you’ve been paying attention you’ve probably spotted a bit more of our beer out and about in your favourite bars, pubs and bottle shops. While this has been fantastic, it has lead to a situation where we’ve had less choice available for our wonderful trade customers; less choice for them means less choice for you, our fans and customers, that’s something which is definitely not cool.

If you’ll allow me a slightly nostalgic segway, Top Rope started, in principle, just over 3 years ago with myself (Ben) and Neil brewing 20L batches of homebrew in my parent’s kitchen. It was those early brewdays which laid the foundation for some of the beers we still brew today (although, thankfully, with greatly improved recipies) and over the last 3 years it’s been a wonderful, humbling and rewarding experience to see our beer enjoyed by so many people.

So, in the words of Austin Powers, “What does it all mean?”, well, from the 1st of September of this year, we’ll be doubling our operating capacity at the brewery, pretty much brewing as much beer as a kit the size of ours can handle. This means 2 beers a week entering production, a minimum of 1 dedicated delivery day to make sure you can all get the good stuff when it’s ready and the wonderful chaps from Them That Can visiting once a month to package 3 beers into can for your portable drinking pleasure.

This also means that both Neil and myself will have to dedicate more time to the brewing, packaging and general brewery upkeep parts of the job. If you’re local to Liverpool, or visit often, you may well have seen us pop up behind a well known bar or two and serve a few drinks. Sadly, with the increase in workload, that part of our lives has to wind down. Never fear though, we’re hoping to expand our festival presence over the next 12 months and we’ll always be down to chat beer (or wrestling, or pretty much anything) if you spot us out in the wild). So, in short, more time at the brewery means a lot more time for obsessing over pH and temperature (for me) and more focusing on organising sales and logistics (for Neil). Oh, and lots more cleaning, always more cleaning. This means that we''ll be able to get higher quality beer out to all you lovely people, more efficiently and more regularly, and we’ll even be able to drink it alongside some of you occasionally as well!

I’m going to leave it there, save rambling on for too long. I’ll be back soon with an update on our 3rd birthday plans (yes, we have plans, they’re fairly epic and if I say anything now Neil will probably kill me, so you’ll have to wait). So as always, thanks for your continued support and watch this space.